He is a Pistoiese artist, from the very first kindergartens he showed a remarkable predisposition for artistic subjects, managing to cultivate better over time by attending the Art Institute of Pistoia, where he graduated.
His path is in continuous transformation, but it is after that he meets and studies two great artists such as Warhol and Rotella, that he begins to develop this informal art.

With the mastery of contemporary techniques and materials, Chiti builds complex conceptual maps to guide reflection and suggest further critical paths.

He manages to put something innovative in each work, managing to modify and perfect techniques already seen and magazines, but he combines them with other new materials such as: the collages and decollage with crystal powder, mosaics of colored rhinestones, graffiti, colors acrylics and gold leaf.

Moving from acrylic painting to the combination of collage and decollage, with tears and lacerations he obtains different stratifications, with pieces of posters, newspaper clippings and magazines, all adapted to create random colors and shapes that cannot be repeated in its kind.

In his works collage and decollage are combined manipulations of images and pictorial interventions that reproduce the classical instruments of the composition;

Such images manage to trigger a short circuit that multiply associations and calls.
Chiti does not just extrapolate fragments full of phatos from life, but manages to associate ideas capable of reinterpreting reality and suggests further enrichments and transformations.
Today his art has refined, his study led him to create works that depict fame and luxury of the years.

50s and 60s evoking an innate quality of design and a tribute to the world of Pop-Art.