Massimo Chiti Artist Pistoiese class of 1979, attended the Policarpo Petrocchi Institute of Art in Pistoia. Graduating and becoming a master of art in Oreficeria, is a contemporary Italian artist known for his Popforms celebrating icons of the Golden Era of the 1950s and 1960s is inspired by artistic giants such as Warhol and Rotella.

In his pictorial experience, revised in a modern pop key, while maintaining its initial beauty, each subject diverges from one another thanks the manual action, using quality materials, gold, silver and copper leaf, with painstaking interventions corried out in the smallest details, a sort of collage that combines painting and photography, in a decomposition of the image, which disorients because you never know who comes first.

Then over the years, creativity and manualtaoanc led to a continuous experimentation of styles, where the material canvases.

In his latest works, after having performed the  backgrouns and the pictorial part, he is distinguished by the fact that he highlights the image with a spot of color, deliberately distracting the interlocutor from the chromatic spot.

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